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Our newly built green screen studio is conveniently located off the QEW at Erin Mills Parkway with ample (free) parking on-site. Located in Mississauga at 2213 North Sheridan Way, Unit 104, you can find our parking lot by turning onto Hadwen Road from North Sheridan Way and making your first right. You can’t miss our new, giant green sign.

Green Screen Studio Wall
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Did we say 16 foot ceilings?

Imagine the shooting possibilities! Gain the freedom and flexibility to create the video you want for any virtual audience with a high-quality green screen studio. Our green CYC wall is 33 feet wide and 16 feet high, with seamless corners that create a background with no perceptible beginning or end. Often referred to as an infinity background, it is impossible to tell where the floor ends and the wall begins – allowing you unlimited creativity within our studio.

Our green wall is pre-lit along with the foreground using our 25×25 lighting grid, and we have plenty of space on our grid for you to attach any additional lights you need. As Toronto’s premier green screen studio, our studio features a separate electrical panel for those 10K lights you want to use to nudge your project into perfection.

Green Screen Studio is one of the only Toronto green screen studios for rent that features two CYC walls – so when your rent our studio, know that you are renting the pinnacle of green screen productions for a very efficient price!

Green CYC Studio wall

What is a green screen studio?

Simply put, filmmakers use green screen studios to put their subjects into any location or world they want with remarkable authenticity. You can use green screen studios to drop in any kind of background you want behind your actors and subjects. Anything from placing a puppy on the moon (in a spacesuit of course, we’re not cruel), to making a rockstar look like they are performing in front of a packed stadium and so much more is possible with green screen studio productions.

To accomplish these fantastic feats, green screens allow editors to use a visual effects technique where two images or videos are layered together seamlessly. This is especially useful when the background your project needs isn’t available or just doesn’t exist. News and weather productions also use green screen technology to place their reporters and anchors behind any background they desire. Whether the shot or background you want is complicated or relatively simple, renting our green screen studio will allow you to bring what you have in mind into reality.

Editing green screen video...

After your video or photo is shot, editors composite the new background into the shot. The green is then singled out and digitally removed from your shot, which allows your desired background to be seen – thus placing your subject in whichever situation you desire.

This versatility allows you to avoid shooting on-location, which can be costly and much more time consuming. Shooting in our green screen studio also ensures that your shoot will not be delayed for reasons beyond your control, such as bad weather. Renting our green screen studio gives you a controlled environment where your shoot can be completed without a hitch – saving you time and money without having to quell that creative fire inside you.

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Popular movies that were shot using green screens....

Many recent blockbuster movies have utilized green screen studios to bring their fantastical stories to life.

For example, director David Yates and his production crew used green screen studios to great effect while filming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. According to Insider, using green screens was the only way to film those Quidditch scenes that are part of what made the Harry Potter franchise so iconic. In each scene, the individual actors were set up to ride mechanical broomsticks in front of a green screen. The production team then cut together the shots to make it look like the Hogwarts students were riding together, even though most shots just featured individual actors.

Green Screen movie sample
Green screen sample video 2

The brothers Anthony and Joe Russo also used green screen studios prolifically when filiming Avengers: Endgame. This Insider article details the brothers’ shots before and after visual effects were added, and the results are stunning. Their crew was able to add incredible detail and beauty to shots that would go on to become the movie of the year. And after making $2.798 billion on a budget of $356 million, we’re sure Marvel is happy with their ROI on this green screen production.

Our green screen studio offers two CYC walls for rent, but what is CYC?

‘CYC’ is an abbreviated term for cyclorama, which is essentially a curved wall that suggests unlimited space when used as a background.

In our CYC studio, the green screen’s wall runs seamlessly into that of the floor, so it is impossible to tell where the floor ends and the wall begins.

This background allows filmmakers much more creative freedom than a tradition flat green screen wall or curtain. Being able to add an infinite background to your shots allows for a higher level of depth in your shots, ensuring your subject will take centre stage and your video production will turn out stunning.

According to Pro Cyc, Apple, a company known for innovation, has several CYC studios which it uses to film commercials that feature an infinite white background. Using a CYC wall can give you an incredible step up on your competitors who have limited themselves to traditional flat green screens. Our CYC wall in Toronto allows you to incorporate this industry-leading feature into your production, setting your company apart from the competition.

Why green?

The vibrant, bright green of our green screen studio is the industry standard choice because it is easy to digitally remove due to its strength. This green is also not a very common colour in everyday life, so there is little risk with it matching with the subject.

Ensuring that nothing on set matches the green screen background is crucial, as anything that is green will also be removed in post-production when the green screen is digitally removed. For example, a man in a green suit will appear as a floating head and hands in front of a green screen – a problem unless that’s the effect you are going for. Avoiding green like you would avoid touching that sick coworker of yours is an easy way of dodging this problem.

Green overload? Our white CYC wall is pretty cool too...

Sometimes your project requires green to be in your shots, making it impossible to use a green screen. This is why, at Green Screen Studio, you’ll also have access to our 30-foot-long CYC white wall. This wall can also be painted any colour to suit whatever your production needs, upon request. However, there is a catch – the wall must be returned to white once your production is finished.

Toronto’s premier green screen studio also features full length black and white drapes that can be used to cover our green wall when you’re using the white wall (so that you don’t get any green reflecting onto the white wall). The drapes are also there just in case your production calls for shooting with a black background. Green Screen Studio allows for abundant versatility, because we want to help you create your vision and realize your Toronto chroma key needs.

White CYC wall

What is Chroma Keying?

Chroma keying is the actual technique of layering, or compositing, two images together based on colour hues. The terminology comes from the fact that every colour has a chroma range.

Keying refers to the specific process of removing the green screen in post-production. In other words, when a green screen has been keyed, the green will be fully transparent – allowing you to fill in that void with whichever background your heart desires. During this process, it is imperative to get the cleanest key possible, so that there are no digital artifacts leftover in your shot from the green screen.

Proper lighting exposure helps to eliminate digital artifacts, and it is very important to light your foreground and backdrop separately. Green Screen Studio comes pre-lit, both foreground and background, ensuring your Toronto chroma key needs will always be met cleanly and efficiently.

Green screen lighting

Proper lighting for green screen studios...

Lighting the green screen studio as evenly as possible is essential to give the background an even texture and gradient. It is much easier to edit the background material in a shot with proper lighting. Keeping the actual green screen as smooth and clean as possible will allow your video to maintain a consistent colour range – essential when creating high quality productions.

There is no need to worry about cleanliness or lighting when you rent our green screen studio. Our beloved staff ensure that the studio is always in a clean and ready to shoot condition, and our green screen and foreground are pre-lit using out 25×25 lighting grid.

Need some extra hands on set?

When you rent our green screen studio, you are completely free to bring in your team of experts to shoot, light, produce, and edit your video. We understand the comfort in trusting your team.

However, if your project happens to need a few extra helping hands, our team is nearby. Our green screen dream team is here to help in any way we can; or just be nearby to take care of lunch and make those valuable coffee runs so you have all the time in the world to focus on your shoot. Whatever you need, our add-on services (link) are sure to help.

GREEN SCREEN studio | rent today

When you rent our green screen studio, you have the freedom to create whatever project you have in mind. Product descriptions, YouTube video ads, photo shoots, monologues, training videos, how-to videos, commercials, customer testimonials, and more can be shot in our fabulous Toronto green screen studio. Your creativity has no bounds in our studio, and your project is sure to realize its full potential with us. Green Screen Studio was built with you in mind, and as a result features top-flight comfort, functionality, and professionalism.


Other popular uses...

Those looking to create a visually impressive marketing video to welcome newcomers to their website can accomplish just that by renting our green screen studio. Those browsing your site for the first time, or even the fifth time, will be left stunned by the clean and professional video that welcomes them – letting them know that they are dealing with professionals.

Shooting product videos on our green screen is a surefire way to ensure your product is front and centre and cleanly represented. Our CYC wall allows your product to be presented against an infinite background, allowing you the option to isolate the product on-screen and have all eyes on it.

Photo shoots are also welcome at Green Screen Studio. Add incredible depth to your images by using one of Toronto’s CYC walls and blow your clients away with the results.

Need to shoot a monologue but don’t know where to go? Green Screen Studio is available to rent for any project, anytime. If you or your company has something to say and needs to say it quickly, our Toronto green screen studio is there to meet your needs.

Looking to create a stunning YouTube video but don’t have a proper studio to shoot in? Rent our Toronto green screen studio, where our excellent lighting and 16 foot ceilings offers you the ultimate in freedom to bring that video you have in your mind to life.

When shooting customer testimonials, it is imperative to have your satisfied customers set up against a clean background. This allows their glowing testimonial about your company and/or product to shine through and captivate your audience, with no distracting background to detract from your message.

Need a green screen but can’t film at our studio?
No worries, we’ll come to you...

If you’re unable to come to our green screen studio but are still in need of a green screen service, you’re in luck. We offer a portable green screen service for hire that is sure to fulfill your production needs. We are prepared to come anywhere and set up our portable green screen, because our goal is to help you realize your goal.

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