Our green CYC wall...

Gain the freedom and flexibility to create the video you want for any virtual audience with a high quality green screen studio. Our green CYC wall is 33 ft wide and 16 feet high. The green wall is pre-lit and so is the foreground. We also have ample space on our grid for you to attach additional lights. 


Green CYC Studio wall
White CYC wall

Our white CYC wall...

At Green Screen Studio, you’ll also have access to our 30 foot long CYC white wall. Upon request, this can be painted any colour to suit your production needs. The catch? It has to be returned to white once you’re finished.

We also have full length black and white drapes that can be used to cover our green wall (so you don’t get any reflection onto the white wall) – or just in case you want to shoot on a black background.

We didn’t spare any expense either. There’s sound absorbing tiles throughout the studio, a 25×25 lighting grid and separate electrical panel for those 10K lights you want to use. 

Our studio has been built by industry pros that love all things video. Each wall has been pre-lit and designed by green screen pros that have been making videos for over 40 years. From the time you arrive, you’ll enjoy a true red carpet entrance decorated by a local Mississauga artist. We’ve made every effort to ensure your experience renting our green screen studio is like no other. 

The only limit within the realm of the green-screen studio? That would be your imagination.

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Green CYC Studio wall

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