We charge $985 per day. We do offer discounts for productions that will require more than three days in studio.

30 feet wide and 16 feet tall. It also has pro CYC curves from end to end! 

22 feet wide by 16 feet high. It also has a pro CYC wall from end to end.

Yes. As long as the wall is returned to white or digi-green when your production is complete – you can have creative freedom transforming our studio to suit your needs.

Yes! We are a fully equipped studio. Please let us know what equipment you will require and we’ll provide a quote for those items. Please note that both are walls are professionally lit already. You will only need lighting for the foreground in your shot(s).

Yes! Please let us know your vision for the day and we’d be happy to provide a skilled technician to operate our equipment for you.

CYC (cyclorama) walls are also known as an infinity background. They are curves that provide a seamless transition between the walls and floors. This is a dream in post-production and allows you to transport your subject from our studio to ANYWHERE.
Green CYC Studio wall

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